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Hupa, Kristof Johannes; Stein, Kathy; Schneider, Ralf; Lysson, Mariola; Schneiker, Bianca; Hornung, Veit; Latz, Eicke; Iwakura, Yoichiro; Kalff, Jörg C.; Wehner, Sven (2019): AIM2 inflammasome-derived IL-1 beta induces postoperative ileus in mice. In: Scientific Reports, Vol. 9, 10602 [PDF, 1MB]


Brinkhoff, Thomas; Kriegel, Hans-Peter; Schneider, Ralf; Seeger, Bernhard (1994): GENESYS: A System for Efficient Spacial Query Processing. ACM SIGMOD Interantional Conference on Managment of Data, 1994, Minneapolis. [PDF, 16kB]

Brinkhoff, Thomas; Kriegel, Hans-Peter; Schneider, Ralf; Seeger, Bernhard (1994): Multi-Step Processing of Spatial Joins. ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data, 1994, Minneapolis. [PDF, 210kB]


Brinkhoff, Thomas; Kriegel, Hans-Peter; Schneider, Ralf (1993): Comparison of Approximations of Complex Objects Used fpr Approximation-based Query Processing in Spatial Databse Systems. 9th International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE´93), 1993, Wien, Österreich.

Brinkhoff, Thomas; Horn, H.; Kriegel, Hans-Peter; Schneider, Ralf (1993): Eine Speicher- und Zugriffsarchitektur für effiziente Anfragebearbeitung in Geo-Datenbankensystemen. Fachtagung Datenbanksysteme in Büro, Technik und Wissenschaft, 1993, Braunschweig. [PDF, 2MB]

Brinkhoff, Thomas; Horn, Holger; Kriegel, Hans-Peter; Schneider, Ralf (1993): A storage and access architecture for efficient query processing in spatial database systems. 3rd International Symposium on Large Spatial Databases (SSD'93), 23. - 25. Juni 1993, Singapore. [PDF, 2MB]

Kriegel, Hans-Peter; Brinkhoff, Thomas; Schneider, Ralf (1993): Efficient Spatial Query Processing in Geographic Databse Systems. In: IEEE Data Engineering Bulletin, Vol. 16, No. 3: pp. 10-15 [PDF, 177kB]

Kriegel, Hans-Peter; Schneider, Ralf; Brinkhoff, Thomas (1993): Potentials for improving query processing in spatial databse systems. 9iemes Journees Bases de Donnees Avoncee, 1993, Toulouse, Frankreich. [PDF, 225kB]


Schneider, Ralf; Kriegel, Hans-Peter (1992): Indexing the spatiotemporal monitoring of a polygonal object. 5th International Symposium on Spatial Data Handling, 1991, Charlston, SC. [PDF, 1MB]


Kriegel, Hans-Peter; Brinkhoff, Thomas; Schneider, Ralf (1991): The combination of spatial access methods and computational geometry in geographic database systems. 2nd Symposium on the Design of Large Spatial Databases (SSD'91), 1991, Zurich, Switzerland. [PDF, 5MB]


Kriegel, Hans-Peter; Schiwietz, M.; Schneider, Ralf; Seeger, B. (1990): Performance comparison of point and spatial access methods. 1st Smposium on the Design and Implementation of Large Spatial Databases, 17-18 Juli 1989, Santa Barabara, CA. [PDF, 2MB]

Beckmann, Norbert; Kriegel, Hans-Peter; Schneider, Ralf; Seeger, Bernhard (1990): The R*-Tree: An efficient and robust access method for points an rectangles. ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data (SIGMOD'90), 1990, Atlantic City, NJ. [PDF, 1MB]


Schneider, Ralf; Mayr, Herbert; Plesch, Peter H. (1987): Ionisation and Dissociation of Diarylmethyl Chlorides in BCl3/CH2Cl2 Solution. Spectroscopic Evidence for Carbenium Ion Pairs. In: Berichte der Bunsengesellschaft / Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics, Vol. 91: pp. 1369-1374 [PDF, 2MB]

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