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Journal article

Clauss, Sebastian; Schuettler, Dominik; Bleyer, Christina; Vlcek, Julia; Shakarami, Mehdi; Tomsits, Philipp; Schneider, Sarah; Maderspacher, Florian; Chataut, Kavi; Trebo, Anna; Wang, Christine; Kleeberger, Jan; Xia, Ruibing; Baloch, Elisabeth; Hildebrand, Bianca; Massberg, Steffen; Wakili, Reza and Kääb, Stefan (2020): Characterization of a porcine model of atrial arrhythmogenicity in the context of ischaemic heart failure.
In: PLOS One 15(5), e0232374 [PDF, 3MB]

Djogo, Tina; Robins, Sarah C.; Schneider, Sarah; Kryzskaya, Darya; Liu, Xiaohong; Mingay, Andrew; Gillon, Colleen J.; Kim, Joo Hyun; Storch, Kai-Florian; Boehm, Ulrich; Bourque, Charles W.; Stroh, Thomas; Dimou, Leda and Kokoeva, Maia V. (2016): Adult NG2-Glia Are Required for Median Eminence-Mediated Leptin Sensing and Body Weight Control. In: Cell Metabolism, Vol. 23, No. 5: pp. 797-810

Vigano, Francesca; Schneider, Sarah; Cimino, Mauro; Bonfanti, Elisabetta; Gelosa, Paolo; Sironi, Luigi; Abbracchio, Maria P. and Dimou, Leda (2016): GPR17 Expressing NG2-Glia: Oligodendrocyte Progenitors Serving as a Reserve Pool After Injury. In: Glia, Vol. 64, No. 2: pp. 287-299

Schneider, Sarah; Gruart, Agnès; Grade, Sofia; Zhang, Yina; Kröger, Stephan; Kirchhoff, Frank; Eichele, Gregor; Delgado Garcia, José M. and Dimou, Leda (2016): Decrease in Newly Generated Oligodendrocytes Leads to Motor Dysfunctions and Changed Myelin Structures that can be Rescued by Transplanted Cells. In: Glia, Vol. 64, No. 12: pp. 2201-2218

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