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Straka, C.; Hebart, H.; Adler-Reichel, S.; Werding, N.; Emmerich, B. und Einsele, H. (2003): Blood stem cell collections after mobilization with combination chemotherapy containing ifosfamide followed by G-CSF in multiple myeloma. In: Oncology, Nr. 2: S. 94-98 [PDF, 71kB]

Einsele, H.; Straka, C.; Emmerich, B.; Bamberg, M. und Budach, W. (2000): High-dose chemotherapy with hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for patients with advanced multiple myeloma. In: Onkologie, Nr. 3: S. 272-274 [PDF, 48kB]

Pachmann, K.; Langenmayer, Irmgard; Straka, C. und Emmerich, B. (1994): Prevalence of CD20 positive B-cells in peripheral blood of patients with lymphocytic lymphoma and correlation with the course of disease. In: Onkologie, Supplements, Vol. 17, Nr. 430 [PDF, 187kB]

Straka, C.; Langenmayer, Irmgard; Drexler, E.; Pfefferkorn, L.; Pachmann, K. und Emmerich, B. (1994): A concept for the treatment of relapsed intermediate and high-grade NHL: Stem dell collection after IEV chemotherapy plus G.CSF, immunomagnetic purging of P.B.S.C. using Moabs against B-cell antigens in patients with CB/CC NHL and stem cell transplantation after high-dose BU/CY. In: Onkologie, Supplements, Vol. 17, Nr. 588 [PDF, 301kB]

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