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Gabriel, Wilfried; Thomas, Bernhard (1988): The influence of food availability, predation risk, and metabolic costs on the evolutionary stability of diel vertical migration in zooplankton. In: Verhandlungen / International Association of Theoretical and Applied Limnology, Vol. 23: S. 807-811 [PDF, 1MB]

Gabriel, Wilfried; Thomas, Bernhard (1988): Vertical migration of zooplankton as an evolutionary stable strategy. In: American Naturalist, Vol. 132, Nr. 2: S. 199-216 [PDF, 2MB]


Gabriel, Wilfried; Thomas, Bernhard (1988): Ultimate causes of vertical migration in zooplankton. An evaluation by evolutionary game theory. In: Wolff, Wilfried (Hrsg.): Ecodynamics. Contributions to theoretical ecology. Berlin u.a.: Springer. S. 127-134 [PDF, 822kB]


Gabriel, Wilfried; Thomas, Bernhard (1989): Predictive value of evolutionary game theory for vertical migration in zooplankton. Erwin-Riesch-Arbeitstagung, 7. - 9. April 1988, Münster-Ebernburg. [PDF, 771kB]

Thomas, Bernhard; Gabriel, Wilfried (1989): Interaction analysis and stability concept as a means for understanding complex systems-application to vertical migration of zooplankton. Erwin-Riesch-Arbeitstagung, 7. - 9. April 1988, Münster-Ebernburg. [PDF, 856kB]

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