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Thomas, M.; Ponce-Aix, S.; Navarro, A.; Riera-Knorrenschild, J.; Schmidt, M.; Wiegert, E.; Kapp, K.; Wittig, B.; Mauri, C.; Gomez, M. Domine; Kollmeier, J.; Sadjadian, P.; Froehling, K.-P.; Huber, R. M.; Wolf, M.; Pall, Georg; Surmont, Veerle; Bosquee, Leon; Germonpre, Paul; Brückl, Wolfgang; Grah, Christina; Herzmann, Christian; Leistner, Rumo; Meyer, Andreas; Müller, Lothar; Schmalz, Oliver; Scholz, Christian; Schröder, Michael; Serke, Monika; Wesseler, Claas; Brandts, Christian; Kopp, Hans-Georg; Blau, Wolfgang; Griesinger, Frank; Garcia Campelo, Maria Rosario; Garcia Garcia, Yolanda; Trigo Perez, Jose Manuel (2018): Immunotherapeutic maintenance treatment with toll-like receptor 9 agonist lefitolimod in patients with extensive-stage small-cell lung cancer: results from the exploratory, controlled, randomized, international phase II IMPULSE study. In: Annals of Oncology, Vol. 29, No. 10: pp. 2076-2084

Bucher, J. N.; König, M.; Schönberg, M. B.; Thomas, M.; Crispin, A.; Angele, M. K.; Eser-Valeri, D.; Gerbes, A. L.; Werner, J.; Guba, M. O. (2017): Liver Transplantation In Patients With A History Of Migration - A German Single Center Comparative Analysis. In: Transplant international, Vol. 30: p. 14

Thomas, M.; Ponce-Aix, S.; Navarro Mendivil, A.; Knorrenschild, J. Riera; Schmidt, M.; Krikow, M.; Wiegert, E.; Domine Gomez, M.; Kollmeier, J.; Sadjadian, P.; Fröhling, K. P.; Huber, R. M.; Wolf, M. (2017): Top-line data from the randomized phase 2 IMPULSE study in small-cell lung cancer (SCLC): Immunotherapeutic maintenance treatment with lefitolimod. In: Annals of Oncology, Vol. 28

Bucher, J. N.; Schönberg, M. B.; Thomas, M.; Angele, M. K.; Werner, J.; Kauke, T.; Guba, M. O. (2017): Repeated antibody mismatch - a risk factor in liver retransplantation? In: Transplant international, Vol. 30: p. 13

Pratschke, S.; Rauch, Alexandra; Albertsmeier, M.; Rentsch, M.; Kirschneck, Michaela; Andrassy, J.; Thomas, M.; Hartwig, Werner; Figueras, J.; Del Rio Martin, J.; de Ruvo, N.; Werner, Jens; Guba, M.; Weniger, Maximilian; Angele, Martin Kurt (2016): Temporary Intraoperative Porto-Caval Shunts in Piggy-Back Liver Transplantation Reduce Intraoperative Blood Loss and Improve Postoperative Transaminases and Renal Function: A Meta-Analysis. In: World Journal of Surgery, Vol. 40, No. 12: pp. 2988-2998

Schiergens, T. S.; Luning, J.; Renz, B. W.; Thomas, M.; Pratschke, S.; Feng, H.; Lee, S. M.; Engel, Jutta; Rentsch, M.; Guba, M.; Werner, Jens; Thasler, W. E. (2016): Liver Resection for Non-colorectal Non-neuroendocrine Metastases: Where Do We Stand Today Compared to Colorectal Cancer? In: Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery, Vol. 20, No. 6: pp. 1163-1172

Thomas, M.; Carter, R.; Aix, S. Ponce; Riera-Knorrenschild, J.; Mendivil, A. Navarro; Domine, M.; Kollmeier, J.; Sadjadian, P.; Huber, R. M.; Wolf, M. (2016): Immune surveillance reactivation to improve overall survival in small cell lung cancer (SCLC): The randomized IMPULSE study. In: Annals of Oncology, Vol. 27

Thomas, M.; Andrassy, J.; Stangl, M.; Rentsch, M.; Angele, M.; Gerbes, A.; Werner, J.; Guba, M. (2016): POSTOPERATIVE SERUM CHOLESTEROL- LEVELS PREDICT LONG-TERM OUTCOME AFTER LIVER TRANSPLANTATION. In: Transplant international, Vol. 29: p. 33

Drefs, M.; Thomas, M.; Khandoga, A.; Andrassy, J.; Werner, J.; Guba, M.; Rentsch, M. (2016): TACROLIMUS PREVENTS CELL DEATH AFTER HEPATIC ISCHEMIA-REPERFUSION-INJURY. In: Transplant international, Vol. 29: p. 45

Watermann, I.; Schmitt, B.; Stellmacher, F.; Müller, J.; Gaber, R.; Kugler, Ch.; Reinmuth, N.; Huber, R. M.; Thomas, M.; Zabel, P.; Rabe, K. F.; Jonigk, D.; Warth, A.; Vollmer, E.; Reck, M.; Goldmann, T. (2015): Improved diagnostics targeting c-MET in non-small cell lung cancer: expression, amplification and activation? In: Diagnostic Pathology 10:130 [PDF, 2MB]

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