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Journal article

Wolfe, Charles D. A.; Crichton, Siobhan L.; Heuschmann, Peter U.; McKevitt, Christopher J.; Toschke, Andre M.; Grieve, Andy P.; Rudd, Anthony G. (2011): Estimates of Outcomes Up to Ten Years after Stroke: Analysis from the Prospective South London Stroke Register.
In: PLOS Medicine 8(5), e1001033 [PDF, 905kB]

Muenster, Eva; Rueger, Heiko; Ochsmann, Elke; Letzel, Stephan; Toschke, Andre M. (2011): Association between overweight, obesity and self-perceived job insecurity in German employees. In: BMC Public Health 11:162 [PDF, 222kB]

Bayer, Otmar; Kries, Rüdiger von; Strauß, Angelika; Mitschek, Christine; Toschke, Andre M.; Hose, Alexander; Koletzko, Berthold (2009): Short- and mid-term effects of a setting based prevention program to reduce obesity risk factors in children: a cluster-randomized trial. In: Clinical nutrition, Vol. 28, No. 2: pp. 122-128

Beyerlein, Andreas; Fahrmeir, Ludwig; Mansmann, Ulrich; Toschke, Andre M. (2008): Alternative regression models to assess increase in childhood BMI. In: BMC Medical Research Methodology 8:59 [PDF, 428kB]

Toschke, Andre M.; Kries, Rüdiger von; Beyerlein, Andreas; Rueckinger, Simon (2008): Risk factors for childhood obesity: shift of the entire BMI distribution vs. shift of the upper tail only in a cross sectional study. In: BMC Public Health 8:115 [PDF, 338kB]

Jingxiong, Jiang; Koletzko, Berthold; Kries, Rüdiger von; Lin, Liangming; Toschke, Andre M. (2006): Vitamin A status among children in China. In: Public health nutrition, Vol. 9, No. 8: pp. 955-960

Toschke, Andre M.; Küchenhoff, Helmut ORCID: 0000-0002-6372-2487; Koletzko, Berthold; Kries, Rüdiger von (2005): Meal frequency and childhood obesity. In: Obesity research, Vol. 13, No. 11: pp. 1932-1938

Koletzko, Berthold; La Gueronniere, V. de; Toschke, Andre M.; Kries, Rüdiger von (2004): Nutrition in children and adolescents in Europe: what is the scientific basis? Introduction. In: British journal of nutrition, Vol. 92, No. Suppl 2: S67-73 [PDF, 216kB]

Koletzko, Berthold; Toschke, Andre M.; Kries, Rüdiger von (2004): Herausforderungen bei der Charakterisierung und der Verbesserung der Ernährungssituation im Kindes- und Jugendalter. In: Bundesgesundheitsblatt, Gesundheitsforschung, Gesundheitsschutz, Vol. 47, No. 3: pp. 227-234

Kries, Rüdiger von; Toschke, Andre M.; Koletzko, Berthold; Slikker, William (2002): Maternal smoking during pregnancy and childhood obesity. In: American journal of epidemiology, Vol. 156, No. 10: pp. 954-961

Kries, Rüdiger von; Toschke, Andre M.; Wurmser, H.; Sauerwald, Thorsten; Koletzko, Berthold (2002): Reduced risk for overweight and obesity in 5- and 6-y-old children by duration of sleep - a cross-sectional study. In: International journal of obesity and related metabolic disorders : journal of the International Association for the Study of Obesity, Vol. 26, No. 5: pp. 710-716

Toschke, Andre M.; Koletzko, Berthold; Slikker, William; Hermann, Monika; Kries, Rüdiger von (2002): Childhood obesity is associated with maternal smoking in pregnancy. In: European journal of pediatrics, Vol. 161, No. 8: pp. 445-448

Toschke, Andre M.; Vignerova, Jana; Lhotska, Lida; Osancova, Katerina; Koletzko, Berthold; Kries, Rüdiger von (2002): Overweight and obesity in 6- to 14-year-old Czech children in 1991: protective effect of breast-feeding. In: Journal of pediatrics, Vol. 141, No. 6: pp. 764-769

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