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Journal article

Vacelet, Jean; Erpenbeck, Dirk; Diaz, Cristina; Ehrlich, Hermann; Fromont, Jane (2019): New family and genus for Dendrilla-like sponges with characters of Verongiida. Part I redescription of Dendrilla lacunosa Hentschel 1912, diagnosis of the new family Ernstillidae and Ernstilla n. g. In: Zoologischer Anzeiger, Vol. 280: pp. 14-20

Fromont, Jane; Zoltowska-Aksamitowska, Sonia; Galli, Roberta; Meissner, Heike; Erpenbeck, Dirk; Vacelet, Jean; Diaz, Christina; Tsurkan, Mikhail; Petrenko, Iaroslav; Youssef, Diaa T. A.; Ehrlich, Hermann (2019): New family and genus of a Dendrilla-like sponge with characters of Verongiida. Part II. Discovery of chitin in the skeleton of Ernstilla lacunosa. In: Zoologischer Anzeiger, Vol. 280: pp. 21-29

Van Soest, Rob W. M.; Boury-Esnault, Nicole; Vacelet, Jean; Dohrmann, Martin; Erpenbeck, Dirk; De Voogd, Nicole J.; Santodomingo, Nadiezhda; Vanhoorne, Bart; Kelly, Michelle; Hooper, John N. A. (2012): Global diversity of sponges (Porifera).
In: PLOS ONE 7(4), e35105 [PDF, 9MB]

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