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Journal article

Vargas, Sergio; Leiva, Laura; Wörheide, Gert ORCID: 0000-0002-6380-7421 (2020): Short-Term Exposure to High-Temperature Water Causes a Shift in the Microbiome of the Common Aquarium Sponge Lendenfeldia chondrodes. In: Microbial ecology [PDF, 586kB]

Conci, Nicola; Lehmann, Martin; Vargas, Sergio; Woerheide, Gert (2020): Comparative Proteomics of Octocoral and Scleractinian Skeletomes and the Evolution of Coral Calcification. In: Genome Biology and Evolution, Vol. 12, No. 9: pp. 1623-1635

Vuillemin, Aurele; Vargas, Sergio; Coskun, Oemer K.; Pockalny, Robert; Murray, Richard W.; Smith, David C.; D'Hondt, Steven; Orsi, William D. (2020): Atribacteria Reproducing over Millions of Years in the Atlantic Abyssal Subseafloor. In: Mbio, Vol. 11, No. 5, e01937-20

Breedy, Odalisca; Guzman, Hector M.; Murillo, Catalina; Vargas, Sergio (2020): A new species of the genus Psammogorgia (Cnidaria: Anthozoa: Octocorallia) from the Hannibal Bank in Pacific Panama. In: Bulletin of Marine Science, Vol. 96, No. 1: pp. 169-179

Conci, Nicola; Woerheide, Gert; Vargas, Sergio (2019): New Non-Bilaterian Transcriptomes Provide Novel Insights into the Evolution of Coral Skeletomes. In: Genome Biology and Evolution, Vol. 11, No. 11: pp. 3068-3081

Vuillemin, Aurele; Wankel, Scott D.; Coskun, Omer K.; Magritsch, Tobias; Vargas, Sergio; Estes, Emily R.; Spivack, Arthur J.; Smith, David C.; Pockalny, Robert; Murray, Richard W.; D'Hondt, Steven; Orsi, William D. (2019): Archaea dominate oxic subseafloor communities over multimillion-year time scales. In: Science Advances, Vol. 5, No. 6, eaaw4108

Eitel, Michael; Francis, Warren R.; Varoqueaux, Frederique; Daraspe, Jean; Osigus, Hans-Jürgen; Krebs, Stefan; Vargas, Sergio; Blum, Helmut; Williams, Gray A.; Schierwater, Bernd; Wörheide, Gert (2018): Comparative genomics and the nature of placozoan species.
In: PLOS Biology 16(7), e2005359 [PDF, 9MB]

Pichler, Monica; Coskun, Oemer K.; Ortega-Arbulu, Ana-Sofia; Conci, Nicola; Wörheide, Gert; Vargas, Sergio; Orsi, William D. (2018): A 16S rRNA gene sequencing and analysis protocol for the Illumina MiniSeq platform. In: Microbiologyopen, Vol. 7, No. 6, e611 [PDF, 1MB]

Mills, Daniel B.; Francis, Warren R.; Vargas, Sergio; Larsen, Morten; Elemans, Coen P. H.; Canfield, Donald E.; Wörheide, Gert (2018): The last common ancestor of animals lacked the HIF pathway and respired in low-oxygen environments. In: eLife, Vol. 7, e31176 [PDF, 2MB]

Schuster, Astrid; Vargas, Sergio; Knapp, Ingrid S.; Pomponi, Shirley A.; Toonen, Robert J.; Erpenbeck, Dirk; Wörheide, Gert (2018): Divergence times in demosponges (Porifera): first insights from new mitogenomes and the inclusion of fossils in a birth-death clock model. In: BMC Evolutionary Biology 18:114 [PDF, 1MB]

Coskun, Ömer K.; Pichler, Monica; Vargas, Sergio; Gilder, Stuart; Orsi, William D. (2018): Linking Uncultivated Microbial Populations and Benthic Carbon Turnover by Using Quantitative Stable Isotope Probing. In: Applied and Environmental Microbiology, Vol. 84, No. 18 [PDF, 4MB]

Shimpi, Gaurav G.; Vargas, Sergio; Wörheide, Gert (2018): Modified parallel strategies for preparation of heteroduplex plasmids for in vitro mismatch repair assays. In: Analytical Biochemistry, Vol. 556: pp. 35-39

Vargas, Sergio; Dohrmann, Martin; Göcke, Christian; Janussen, Dorte; Wörheide, Gert ORCID: 0000-0002-6380-7421 (2017): Nuclear and mitochondrial phylogeny of Rossella (Hexactinellida: Lyssacinosida, Rossellidae): a species and a species flock in the Southern Ocean. In: Polar Biology, Vol. 40, No. 12: pp. 2435-2444

Poliseno, Angelo; Feregrino, Christian; Sartoretto, Stephane; Aurelle, Didier; Wörheide, Gert ORCID: 0000-0002-6380-7421; McFadden, Catherine S.; Vargas, Sergio (2017): Comparative mitogenomics, phylogeny and evolutionary history of Leptogorgia (Gorgoniidae). In: Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, Vol. 115: pp. 181-189

Shimpi, Gaurav G.; Vargas, Sergio; Poliseno, Angelo; Wörheide, Gert ORCID: 0000-0002-6380-7421 (2017): Mitochondrial RNA processing in absence of tRNA punctuations in octocorals. In: BMC Molecular Biology 18:16 [PDF, 2MB]

Poliseno, Angelo; Altuna, Alvaro; Cerrano, Carlo; Wörheide, Gert ORCID: 0000-0002-6380-7421; Vargas, Sergio (2017): Historical biogeography and mitogenomics of two endemic Mediterranean gorgonians (Holaxonia, Plexauridae). In: Organisms Diversity & Evolution, Vol. 17, No. 2: pp. 365-373

Tusso, Sergio; Morcinek, Kerstin; Vogler, Catherine; Schupp, Peter J.; Caballes, Ciemon F.; Vargas, Sergio; Wörheide, Gert ORCID: 0000-0002-6380-7421 (2016): Genetic structure of the crown-of-thorns seastar in the Pacific Ocean, with focus on Guam. In: PeerJ, Vol. 4, e1970 [PDF, 24MB]

Ament-Velasquez, Sandra L.; Breedy, Odalisca; Cortes, Jorge; Guzman, Hector M.; Wörheide, Gert ORCID: 0000-0002-6380-7421; Vargas, Sergio (2016): Homoplasious colony morphology and mito-nuclear phylogenetic discordance among Eastern Pacific octocorals. In: Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, Vol. 98: pp. 373-381

Shimpi, Gaurav G.; Vargas, Sergio; Wörheide, Gert ORCID: 0000-0002-6380-7421 (2016): Evaluation and validation of reference genes for qPCR analysis to study climate change-induced stresses in Sinularia cf. cruciata (Octocorallia: Alcyonidae). In: Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, Vol. 483: pp. 42-52

Francis, Warren Russell; Eitel, Michael; Vargas, Sergio; Krebs, Stefan; Blum, Helmut; Wörheide, Gert ORCID: 0000-0002-6380-7421 (2016): Mitochondrial genomes of the freshwater sponges Spongilla lacustris and Ephydatia cf. muelleri. In: Mitochondrial Dna Part B-Resources, Vol. 1: pp. 250-251

Vargas, Sergio; Kelly, Michelle; Schnabel, Kareen; Mills, Sadie; Bowden, David; Wörheide, Gert ORCID: 0000-0002-6380-7421 (2015): Diversity in a Cold Hot-Spot: DNA-Barcoding Reveals Patterns of Evolution among Antarctic Demosponges (Class Demospongiae, Phylum Porifera).
In: PLOS ONE 10(6), e0127573 [PDF, 4MB]

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