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Journal article

Vieth, Beate; Parekh, Swati; Ziegenhain, Christoph; Enard, Wolfgang; Hellmann, Ines (2019): A systematic evaluation of single cell RNA-seq analysis pipelines. In: Nature Communications, Vol. 10, 4667 [PDF, 3MB]

Medvedeva, Vera P.; Rieger, Michael A.; Vieth, Beate; Mombereau, Cedric; Ziegenhain, Christoph; Ghosh, Tanay; Cressant, Arnaud; Enard, Wolfgang; Granon, Sylvie; Dougherty, Joseph D.; Groszer, Matthias (2019): Altered social behavior in mice carrying a cortical Foxp2 deletion. In: Human Molecular Genetics, Vol. 28, No. 5: pp. 701-717

Ziegenhain, Christoph; Vieth, Beate; Parekh, Swati; Hellmann, Ines; Enard, Wolfgang (2018): Quantitative single-cell transcriptomics. In: Briefings in Functional Genomics, Vol. 17, No. 4: pp. 220-232

Bagnoli, Johannes W.; Ziegenhain, Christoph; Janjic, Aleksandar; Wange, Lucas E.; Vieth, Beate; Parekh, Swati; Geuder, Johanna; Hellmann, Ines; Enard, Wolfgang (2018): Sensitive and powerful single-cell RNA sequencing using mcSCRB-seq. In: Nature Communications, Vol. 9, 2937 [PDF, 1MB]

Parekh, Swati; Ziegenhain, Christoph; Vieth, Beate; Enard, Wolfgang; Hellmann, Ines (2018): zUMIs - A fast and flexible pipeline to process RNA sequencing data with UMIs. In: Gigascience, Vol. 7, No. 6 [PDF, 2MB]

Schreck, Christina; Istvanffy, Rouzanna; Ziegenhain, Christoph; Sippenauer, Theresa; Ruf, Franziska; Henkel, Lynette; Gärtner, Florian; Vieth, Beate; Florian, M. Carolina; Mende, Nicole; Taubenberger, Anna; Prendergast, Aine; Wagner, Alina; Pagel, Charlotta; Grziwok, Sandra; Götze, Katharina S.; Guck, Jochen; Dean, Douglas C.; Massberg, Steffen; Essers, Marieke; Waskow, Claudia; Geiger, Hartmut; Schiemann, Mathias; Peschel, Christian; Enard, Wolfgang; Oostendorp, Robert A. J. (2017): Niche WNT5A regulates the actin cytoskeleton during regeneration of hematopoietic stem cells. In: Journal of Experimental Medicine, Vol. 214, No. 1: pp. 165-181

Vieth, Beate; Ziegenhain, Christoph; Parekh, Swati; Enard, Wolfgang; Hellmann, Ines (2017): powsimR: power analysis for bulk and single cell RNA-seq experiments. In: Bioinformatics, Vol. 33, No. 21: pp. 3486-3488

Ziegenhain, Christoph; Vieth, Beate; Parekh, Swati; Reinius, Björn; Guillaumet-Adkins, Amy; Smets, Martha; Leonhardt, Heinrich; Heyn, Holger; Hellmann, Ines; Enard, Wolfgang (2017): Comparative Analysis of Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Methods. In: Molecular Cell, Vol. 65, No. 4: 631-+

Parekh, Swati; Ziegenhain, Christoph; Vieth, Beate; Enard, Wolfgang; Hellmann, Ines (2016): The impact of amplification on differential expression analyses by RNA-seq. In: Scientific Reports, Vol. 6, 25533 [PDF, 1MB]

Wunderlich, Stephanie; Kircher, Martin; Vieth, Beate; Haase, Alexandra; Merkert, Sylvia; Beier, Jennifer; Göhring, Gudrun; Glage, Silke; Schambach, Axel; Curnow, Eliza C.; Paeaebo, Svante; Martin, Ulrich; Enard, Wolfgang (2014): Primate iPS cells as tools for evolutionary analyses. In: Stem Cell Research, Vol. 12, No. 3: pp. 622-629 [PDF, 1MB]

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