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Journal article

Bloch, Carola; Burghof, Lana; Lehnhardt, Fritz-Georg; Vogeley, Kai; Falter-Wagner, Christine (2021): Alexithymia traits outweigh autism traits in the explanation of depression in adults with autism. In: Scientific reports, Vol. 11, No. 1, 2258 [PDF, 1MB]

Koehler, Jana Christina; Georgescu, Alexandra Livia; Weiske, Johanna; Spangemacher, Moritz; Burghof, Lana; Falkai, Peter; Koutsouleris, Nikolaos; Tschacher, Wolfgang; Vogeley, Kai; Falter-Wagner, Christine M. (2021): Brief Report: Specificity of Interpersonal Synchrony Deficits to Autism Spectrum Disorder and Its Potential for Digitally Assisted Diagnostics. In: Journal of autism and developmental disorders [PDF, 719kB]

Vogel, David H. V.; Falter-Wagner, Christine M.; Schoofs, Theresa; Kraemer, Katharina; Kupke, Christian; Vogeley, Kai (2020): Flow and structure of time experience - concept, empirical validation and implications for psychopathology. In: Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences, Vol. 19, No. 2: pp. 235-258

Cole, David M.; Diaconescu, Andreea O.; Pfeiffer, Ulrich J.; Brodersen, Kay H.; Mathys, Christoph D.; Julkowski, Dominika; Ruhrmann, Stephan; Schilbach, Leonhard; Tittgemeyer, Marc; Vogeley, Kai; Stephan, Klaas E. (2020): Atypical processing of uncertainty in individuals at risk for psychosis. In: Neuroimage-Clinical, Vol. 26, 102239

Taebi, Arezoo; Kiesow, Hannah; Vogeley, Kai; Schilbach, Leonhard; Bernhardt, Boris C.; Bzdok, Danilo (2020): Population variability in social brain morphology for social support, household size and friendship satisfaction. In: Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, Vol. 15, No. 6: pp. 635-647

Kiesow, Hannah; Dunbar, Robin I. M.; Kable, Joseph W.; Kalenscher, Tobias; Vogeley, Kai; Schilbach, Leonhard; Marquand, Andre F.; Wiecki, Thomas V.; Bzdok, Danilo (2020): 10,000 social brains: Sex differentiation in human brain anatomy. In: Science Advances, Vol. 6, No. 12, eaaz1170

Bloch, Carola; Vogeley, Kai; Georgescu, Alexandra L.; Falter-Wagner, Christine M. (20. August 2019): INTRApersonal Synchrony as Constituent of INTERpersonal Synchrony and Its Relevance for Autism Spectrum Disorder. In: Frontiers in Robotics and Ai, Vol. 6, 73: pp. 1-8 [PDF, 414kB]

Zapata-Fonseca, Leonardo; Dotov, Dobromir; Fossion, Ruben; Froese, Tom; Schilbach, Leonhard; Vogeley, Kai; Timmermans, Bert (11. January 2019): Multi-Scale Coordination of Distinctive Movement Patterns During Embodied Interaction Between Adults With High-Functioning Autism and Neurotypicals. In: Frontiers in Psychology, Vol. 9, 2760: pp. 1-7 [PDF, 1MB]

Georgescu, Alexandra Livia; Köhler, Jana Christina; Weiske, Johanna; Vogeley, Kai; Koutsouleris, Nikolaos; Falter-Wagner, Christine (2019): Machine Learning to Study Social Interaction Difficulties in ASD. In: Frontiers in Robotics and Ai, Vol. 6, 132: pp. 1-7 [PDF, 413kB]

Kuschefski, Marius; Falter-Wagner, Christine M.; Bente, Gary; Vogeley, Kai; Georgescu, Alexandra Livia (2019): Inferring power and dominance from dyadic nonverbal interactions in autism spectrum disorder. In: Autism Research, Vol. 12, No. 3: pp. 505-516

Vogel, David; Falter-Wagner, Christine M.; Schoofs, Theresa; Krämer, Katharina; Kupke, Christian; Vogeley, Kai (2019): Interrupted Time Experience in Autism Spectrum Disorder: Empirical Evidence from Content Analysis. In: Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, Vol. 49, No. 1: pp. 22-33

Intaite, Monika; Georgescu, Alexandra L.; Noreika, Valdas; Saldern, Marie A. O. von; Vogeley, Kai; Falter-Wagner, Christine M. (2019): Adults with autism spectrum condition have atypical perception of ambiguous figures when bottom-up and top-down interactions are incongruous. In: Autism, Vol. 23, No. 5: pp. 1133-1142

Zapata-Fonseca, Leonardo; Froese, Tom; Schilbach, Leonhard; Vogeley, Kai; Timmermans, Bert (2018): Sensitivity to Social Contingency in Adults with High-Functioning Autism during Computer-Mediated Embodied Interaction. In: Behavioral Sciences, Vol. 8, No. 2, 22 [PDF, 1MB]

Rohde, Melanie S.; Georgescu, Alexandra L.; Vogeley, Kai; Fimmers, Rolf; Falter-Wagner, Christine M. (2018): Absence of sex differences in mental rotation performance in autism spectrum disorder. In: Autism, Vol. 22, No. 7: pp. 855-865 [PDF, 341kB]

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