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Keller, Andreas; Fehlmann, Tobias; Ludwig, Nicole; Kahraman, Mustafa; Laufer, Thomas; Backes, Christina; Vogelmeier, Claus; Diener, Caroline; Biertz, Frank; Herr, Christian; Jörres, Rudolf A.; Lenhof, Hans-Peter; Meese, Eckart; Bals, Robert (2018): Genome-wide MicroRNA Expression Profiles in COPD: Early Predictors for Cancer Development. In: Genomics Proteomics & Bioinformatics, Vol. 16, No. 3: pp. 162-171 [PDF, 1MB]

Graf, Jana; Lucke, Tanja; Herrera, Ronald; Watz, Henrik; Holle, Rolf; Vogelmeier, Claus; Ficker, Joachim H.; Jörres, Rudolf A. (2018): Compatibility of medication with PRISCUS criteria and identification of drug interactions in a large cohort of patients with COPD. In: Pulmonary Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Vol. 49: pp. 123-129

Kahnert, Kathrin; Lucke, Tanja; Biertz, Frank; Lechner, Andreas; Watz, Henrik; Alter, Peter; Bals, Robert; Behr, Jürgen; Holle, Rolf; Huber, Rudolf M.; Karrasch, Stefan; Stubbe, Beate; Wacker, Margarethe; Söhler, Sandra; Wouters, Emiel F. M.; Vogelmeier, Claus; Jörres, Rudolf A. (2017): Transfer factor for carbon monoxide in patients with COPD and diabetes: results from the German COSYCONET cohort. In: Respiratory research 18:14 [PDF, 625kB]

Kahnert, Kathrin; Lucke, Tanja; Huber, Rudolf M.; Behr, Jürgen; Biertz, Frank; Vogt, Anja; Watz, Henrik; Alter, Peter; Fähndrich, Sebastian; Bals, Robert; Holle, Rolf; Karrasch, Stefan; Sohler, Sandra; Wacker, Margarethe; Ficker, Joachim H.; Parhofer, Klaus G.; Vogelmeier, Claus; Jörres, Rudolf A. (2017): Relationship of hyperlipidemia to comorbidities and lung function in COPD: Results of the COSYCONET cohort.
In: PLOS One 12(5), e0177501 [PDF, 4MB]

Karl, Florian M.; Holle, Rolf; Bals, Robert; Greulich, Timm; Jörres, Rudolf A.; Karch, Annika; Koch, Armin; Karrasch, Stefan; Leidl, Reiner ORCID: 0000-0002-7115-7510; Schulz, Holger; Vogelmeier, Claus; Wacker, Margarethe E. (2017): Costs and health-related quality of life in Alpha-1-Antitrypsin Deficient COPD patients. In: Respiratory Research 18:60 [PDF, 645kB]

Houben-Wilkes, Sarah; Jörres, Rudolf A.; Bals, Robert; Franssen, Frits M. E.; Gläser, Sven; Holle, Rolf; Karch, Annika; Koch, Armin; Magnussen, Helgo; Obst, Anne; Schulz, Holger; Spruit, Martijn A.; Wacker, Margarethe E.; Welte, Tobias; Wouters, Emiel F. M.; Vogelmeier, Claus; Watz, Henrik (2017): Peripheral Artery Disease and Its Clinical Relevance in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in the COPD and Systemic Consequences-Comorbidities Network Study. In: American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, Vol. 195, No. 2: pp. 189-197

Lucke, Tanja; Herrera, Ronald; Wacker, Margarethe; Holle, Rolf; Biertz, Frank; Nowak, Dennis; Huber, Rudolf M.; Söhler, Sandra; Vogelmeier, Claus; Ficker, Joachim H.; Mückter, Harald; Jörres, Rudolf A. (2016): Systematic Analysis of Self-Reported Comorbidities in Large Cohort Studies - A Novel Stepwise Approach by Evaluation of Medication.
In: PLOS ONE 11(10) [PDF, 1MB]

Wacker, Margarethe E.; Jörres, Rudolf A.; Karch, Annika; Koch, Armin; Heinrich, Joachim; Karrasch, Stefan; Schulz, Holger; Peters, Annette; Glaeser, Sven; Ewert, Ralf; Baumeister, Sebastian E.; Vogelmeier, Claus; Leidl, Reiner ORCID: 0000-0002-7115-7510; Holle, Rolf (2016): Relative impact of COPD and comorbidities on generic health-related quality of life: a pooled analysis of the COSYCONET patient cohort and control subjects from the KORA and SHIP studies. In: Respiratory Research 17:81 [PDF, 1MB]

Wacker, Margarethe E.; Jörres, Rudolf A.; Karch, Annika; Wilke, Sarah; Heinrich, Joachim; Karrasch, Stefan; Koch, Armin; Schulz, Holger; Watz, Henrik; Leidl, Reiner ORCID: 0000-0002-7115-7510; Vogelmeier, Claus; Holle, Rolf (2016): Assessing health-related quality of life in COPD: comparing generic and disease-specific instruments with focus on comorbidities. In: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 16:70 [PDF, 951kB]

Karch, Annika; Vogelmeier, Claus; Welte, Tobias; Bals, Robert; Kauczor, Hans-Ulrich; Biederer, Jürgen; Heinrich, Joachim; Schulz, Holger; Gläser, Sven; Holle, Rolf; Watz, Henrik; Korn, Stephanie; Adaskina, Nina; Biertz, Frank; Vogel, Charlotte; Vestbo, Jørgen; Wouters, Emiel F. M.; Rabe, Klaus Friedrich; Söhler, Sandra; Koch, Armin; Jörres, Rudolf A. (2016): The German COPD cohort COSYCONET: Aims, methods and descriptive analysis of the study population at baseline. In: Respiratory Medicine, Vol. 114: pp. 27-37

Wacker, Margarethe E.; Jörres, Rudolf A.; Schulz, Holger; Heinrich, Joachim; Karrasch, Stefan; Karch, Annika; Koch, Armin; Leidl, Reiner ORCID: 0000-0002-7115-7510; Vogelmeier, Claus; Holle, Rolf (2016): How Do Symptoms And Comorbidities Affect Healthcare Costs In Patients With COPD? Results From The New German Cosyconet Cohort. In: American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, Vol. 193, A7787

Hüttmann, Eva-Maria; Greulich, Timm; Hattesohl, Akira; Schmid, Severin; Noeske, Sarah; Herr, Christian; John, Gerrit; Jörres, Rudolf A.; Müller, Bernd; Vogelmeier, Claus; Koczulla, Andreas Rembert (2011): Comparison of two devices and two breathing patterns for exhaled breath condensate sampling.
In: PLOS ONE 7(11), e27467 [PDF, 623kB]

Koczulla, A. Rembert; Noeske, Sarah; Herr, Christian; Jörres, Rudolf A.; Römmelt, Horst; Vogelmeier, Claus; Bals, Robert (2010): Acute and Chronic Effects of Smoking on Inflammation Markers in Exhaled Breath Condensate in Current Smokers. In: Respiration, No. 1: pp. 61-67 [PDF, 237kB]

Schnabel, Eva; Chen, Chih-Mei; Koch, Beate; Karrasch, Stefan; Joerres, Rudolf A.; Schaefer, Torsten; Vogelmeier, Claus; Ewert, Ralf; Schaeper, Christoph; Voelzke, Henry; Obst, Anne; Felix, Stephan B.; Wichmann, Heinz-Erich; Glaeser, Sven; Heinrich, Joachim (2010): Regional differences in prediction models of lung function in Germany. In: Respiratory Research 11:40 [PDF, 1MB]

Koczulla, Rembert; Degenfeld, Georges von; Kupatt, Christian; Krötz, Florian; Zahler, Stefan; Gloe, Torsten; Issbrücker, Katja; Unterberger, Pia; Zaiou, Mohamed; Lebherz, Corinna; Karl, Alexander; Raake, Philip; Pfosser, Achim; Boekstegers, Peter; Welsch, Ulrich; Hiemstra, Pieter S.; Vogelmeier, Claus; Gallo, Richard L.; Clauss, Matthias; Bals, Robert (2003): An angiogenic role for the human peptide antibiotic LL-37/hCAP-18. In: The Journal of Clinical Investigation, Vol. 111, No. 11: pp. 1665-1672 [PDF, 2MB]

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