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Springe zu: 1991 | 1989 | 1988
Anzahl der Publikationen: 5 .


Wang, Ying, Herron, Norman, Möller, Karin and Bein, Thomas (1991): Three-dimensionally confined diluted magnetic semiconductor clusters. Zn1−xMnxS. In: Solid State Communications, Vol. 77, Nr. 1: S. 33-38 [PDF, 453kB]


Mac Dougall, Jim E., Eckert, H., Stucky, Galen D., Herron, Norman, Wang, Ying, Möller, Karin, Bein, Thomas and Cox, Dave E. (1989): Synthesis and characterization of group III-V semiconductor clusters: gallium phosphide GaP in zeolite Y. In: Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol. 111, Nr. 20: S. 8009-8007 [PDF, 277kB]

Herron, Norman, Wang, Ying, Eddy, Mike M., Stucky, Galen D., Cox, Dave E., Möller, Karin and Bein, Thomas (1989): Structure and optical properties of cadmium sulfide superclusters in zeolite hosts. In: Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol. 111, Nr. 2: S. 530-540 [PDF, 1MB]

Möller, Karin, Bein, Thomas, Herron, Norman, Mahler, Walter and Wang, Ying (1989): Encapsulation of lead sulfide molecular clusters into solid matrixes. Structural analysis with x-ray absorption spectroscopy. In: Inorganic Chemistry, Vol. 28, Nr. 15: S. 2914-2919 [PDF, 821kB]


Parise, John B., MacDougall, James, Herron, Norman, Farlee, Rod D., Sleight, Arthur W., Wang, Ying, Bein, Thomas, Möller, Karin and Moroney, Lee M. (1988): Characterization of selenium-loaded molecular sieves A, X, Y, AlPO-5, and mordenite. In: Inorganic Chemistry, Vol. 27, Nr. 2: S. 221-228 [PDF, 900kB]

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