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Bühler, Bernhard; Keil, Günther M.; Weiland, Frank und Koszinowski, Ulrich H. (1990): Characterization of the murine cytomegalovirus early transcription unit e1 that is induced by immediate-early proteins. In: Journal of Virology, Vol. 64: S. 1907-1919 [PDF, 4MB]

Jonjic, Stipan; Mutter, Wolfgang; Weiland, Frank; Reddehase, Matthias J. und Koszinowski, Ulrich H. (1989): Site-restricted persistent cytomegalovirus infection after selective long-term depletion of CD4+ T lymphocytes. In: The journal of experimental medicine, Vol. 169: S. 1199-1212 [PDF, 960kB]

Reddehase, Matthias J.; Jonjic, Stipan; Weiland, Frank; Mutter, Wolfgang und Koszinowski, Ulrich H. (1988): CD4-helper-independent antiviral function of CD8-positive memory T lymphocytes derived from latently infected donors. In: Journal of Virology, Vol. 62: S. 1061-1065 [PDF, 1MB]

Reddehase, Matthias J.; Zawatzky, R.; Weiland, Frank; Bühring, Hans-Jörg; Jonjic, Stipan und Koszinowski, Ulrich H. (1987): Stable expression of clonal specificity in murine cytomegalovirus-specific large granular lymphoblast lines propagated long-term in recombinant interleukin 2. In: Immunobiology, Vol. 174: S. 420-431 [PDF, 1MB]

Weiland, Frank; Keil, Günther M.; Reddehase, Matthias J. und Koszinowski, Ulrich H. (1986): Studies on the Morphogenesis of Murine Cytomegalovirus. In: Intervirology, Vol. 26: S. 192-201 [PDF, 2MB]

Reddehase, Matthias J.; Weiland, Frank; Münch, Konrad; Jonjic, Stipan; Lüske, Anke und Koszinowski, Ulrich H. (1985): Interstitial murine cytomegalovirus pneumonia after irradiation: characterization of cells that limit viral replication during established infection of the lungs. In: Journal of Virology, Vol. 55: S. 264-273 [PDF, 2MB]

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