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Journal article

Bruch, Julius; Xu, Hong; Rösler, Thomas W.; Andrade, Anderson de; Kuhn, Peer-Hendrik; Lichtenthaler, Stefan F.; Arzberger, Thomas; Winklhofer, Konstanze F.; Müller, Ulrich; Höglinger, Günter U. (2017): PERK activation mitigates tau pathology in vitro and in vivo. In: Embo Molecular Medicine, Vol. 9, No. 3: pp. 371-384

Woerner, Andreas C.; Frottin, Frédéric; Hornburg, Daniel; Feng, Li R.; Meissner, Felix; Patra, Maria; Tatzelt, Jörg; Mann, Matthias; Winklhofer, Konstanze F.; Hartl, F. Ulrich; Hipp, Mark S. (2016): Cytoplasmic protein aggregates interfere with nucleocytoplasmic transport of protein and RNA. In: Science, Vol. 351, No. 6269: pp. 173-176

Butler, Erin K.; Voigt, Aaron; Lutz, A. Kathrin; Toegel, Jane P.; Gerhardt, Ellen; Karsten, Peter; Falkenburger, Bjoern; Reinartz, Andrea; Winklhofer, Konstanze F.; Schulz, Joerg B. (February 2012): The Mitochondrial Chaperone Protein TRAP1 Mitigates alpha-Synuclein Toxicity., The Mitochondrial Chaperone Protein TRAP1 Mitigates α-Synuclein Toxicity.
In: PLOS Genetics 8(2), e1002488 [PDF, 3MB]

Resenberger, Ulrike K.; Winklhofer, Konstanze F.; Tatzelt, Jörg (2012): Cellular Prion Protein Mediates Toxic Signaling of Amyloid Beta. In: Neurodegenerative Diseases, No. 1-4: pp. 298-300 [PDF, 75kB]

Fett, Mareike E.; Pilsl, Anna; Paquet, Dominik; Bebber, Frauke van; Haass, Christian; Tatzelt, Jörg; Schmid, Bettina; Winklhofer, Konstanze F. (30. July 2010): Parkin is protective against proteotoxic stress in a transgenic zebrafish model.
In: PLOS ONE 5(7), e11783 [PDF, 3MB]

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