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Journal article

Stieglitz, Marc S.; Fenske, Stefanie; Hammelmann, Verena; Becirovic, Elvir; Schöttle, Verena; Delorme, James E.; Schöll-Weidinger, Martha; Mader, Robert; Deussing, Jan; Wolfer, David P.; Seeliger, Mathias W.; Albrecht, Urs; Wotjak, Carsten T.; Biel, Martin; Michalakis, Stylianos; Wahl-Schott, Christian (2018): Disturbed Processing of Contextual Information in HCN3 Channel Deficient Mice. In: Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience, Vol. 10, 436 [PDF, 4MB]

Kubilius, Rimas A.; Kaplick, Paul M.; Wotjak, Carsten T. (2018): Highway to hell or magic smoke? The dose-dependence of Delta(9)-THC in place conditioning paradigms. In: Learning & Memory, Vol. 25, No. 9: pp. 446-454

Genewsky, Andreas; Heinz, Daniel E.; Kaplick, Paul M.; Kilonzo, Kasyoka; Wotjak, Carsten T. (2017): A simplified microwave-based motion detector for home cage activity monitoring in mice. In: Journal of Biological Engineering 11:36 [PDF, 3MB]

Auffenberg, Eva; Jurik, Angela; Mattusch, Corinna; Stoffel, Rainer; Genewsky, Andreas; Namendorf, Christian; Schmid, Roland M.; Rammes, Gerhard; Biel, Martin; Uhr, Manfred; Moosmang, Sven; Michalakis, Stylianos; Wotjak, Carsten T.; Thoeringer, Christoph K. (2016): Remote and reversible inhibition of neurons and circuits by small molecule induced potassium channel stabilization. In: Scientific Reports, Vol. 6, 19293 [PDF, 977kB]

Kao, Chi-Ya; He, Zhisong; Zannas, Anthony S.; Hahn, Oliver; Kühne, Claudia; Reichel, Judith M.; Binder, Elisabeth B.; Wotjak, Carsten T.; Khaitovich, Philipp; Turck, Christoph W. (2016): Fluoxetine treatment prevents the inflammatory response in a mouse model of posttraumatic stress disorder. In: Journal of Psychiatric Research, Vol. 76: pp. 74-83

Terzian, Ana Luisa; Drago, Filippo; Wotjak, Carsten T.; Micale, Vincenzo (August 2011): The dopamine and cannabinoid interaction in the modulation of emotions and cognition: assessing the role of cannabinoid CB1 receptor in neurons expressing dopamine D1 receptors. In: Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, Vol. 5, 49 [PDF, 1MB]

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