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Journal article

Yin, Mingbo; Wang, Xiaoyu; Ma, Xiaolin; Giessler, Sabine; Petrusek, Adam; Griebel, Johanna; Hu, Wei; Wolinska, Justyna (2018): Cytonuclear diversity and shared mitochondrial haplotypes among Daphnia galeata populations separated by seven thousand kilometres. In: BMC Evolutionary Biology 18:130 [PDF, 2MB]

Ma, Xiaolin; Wolinska, Justyna; Petrusek, Adam; Gießler, Sabine; Hu, Wei; Yin, Mingbo (2016): The phenotypic plasticity in Chinese populations of Daphnia similoides sinensis: recurvate helmeted forms are associated with the presence of predators. In: Journal of Plankton Research, Vol. 38, No. 4: pp. 855-864

Griebel, Johanna; Giessler, Sabine; Poxleitner, Monika; Faria, Amanda Navas; Yin, Mingbo; Wolinska, Justyna (2015): Extreme Environments Facilitate Hybrid Superiority - The Story of a Successful Daphnia galeata x longispina Hybrid Clone.
In: PLOS ONE 10(10), e0140275 [PDF, 757kB]

Wei, Wenzhi; Giessler, Sabine; Wolinska, Justyna; Ma, Xiaolin; Yang, Zhong; Hu, Wei; Yin, Mingbo (2015): Genetic Structure of Daphnia galeata Populations in Eastern China.
In: PLOS ONE 10(3), e0120168 [PDF, 579kB]

Yin, Mingbo; Gießler, Sabine; Griebel, Johanna; Wolinska, Justyna (2014): Hybridizing Daphnia communities from ten neighbouring lakes: spatio-temporal dynamics, local processes, gene flow and invasiveness. In: BMC Evolutionary Biology 14:80 [PDF, 1MB]

Wolinska, Justyna; Petrusek, Adam; Yin, Mingbo; Koerner, Henrike; Seda, Jaromir; Giessler, Sabine (2014): Population structure of a microparasite infecting Daphnia: spatio-temporal dynamics. In: BMC Evolutionary Biology 14:247 [PDF, 731kB]

Yin, Mingbo; Petrusek, Adam; Seda, Jaromir; Wolinska, Justyna (2012): Fine-scale temporal and spatial variation of taxon and clonal structure in the Daphnia longispina hybrid complex in heterogeneous environments. In: BMC Evolutionary Biology 12:12 [PDF, 974kB]

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