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Saam, Tobias; Habs, Maximilian; Buchholz, Martin; Schindler, Andreas; Bayer-Karpinska, Anna; Cyran, Clemens C.; Yuan, Chun; Reiser, Maximilian; Helck, Andreas (2016): Expansive arterial remodeling of the carotid arteries and its effect on atherosclerotic plaque composition and vulnerability: an in-vivo black-blood 3T CMR study in symptomatic stroke patients. In: Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 18:11 [PDF, 1MB]

Grimm, Jochen M.; Schindler, Andreas; Schwarz, Florian; Cyran, Clemens C.; Bayer-Karpinska, Anna; Freilinger, Tobias; Yuan, Chun; Linn, Jennifer; Trelles, Miguel; Reiser, Maximilian F.; Nikolaou, Konstantin; Saam, Tobias (2014): Computed tomography angiography vs 3 T black-blood cardiovascular magnetic resonance for identification of symptomatic carotid plaques. In: Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 16:84 [PDF, 1MB]

Grimm, Jochen M.; Schindler, Andreas; Freilinger, Tobias; Cyran, Clemens C.; Bamberg, Fabian; Yuan, Chun; Reiser, Maximilian F.; Dichgans, Martin; Freilinger, Caroline; Nikolaou, Konstantin; Saam, Tobias (2013): Comparison of symptomatic and asymptomatic atherosclerotic carotid plaques using parallel imaging and 3 T black-blood in vivo CMR. In: Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 15:44 [PDF, 698kB]

Grimm, Jochen M.; Nikolaou, Konstantin; Schindler, Andreas; Hettich, Reinhard; Heigl, Franz; Cyran, Clemens C.; Schwarz, Florian; Klingel, Reinhard; Karpinska, Anna; Yuan, Chun; Dichgans, Martin; Reiser, Maximilian F.; Saam, Tobias (2012): Characteristics of carotid atherosclerotic plaques of chronic lipid apheresis patients as assessed by In Vivo High-Resolution CMR - a comparative analysis. In: Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 14:80 [PDF, 516kB]

Saam, Tobias; Raya, Jose G.; Cyran, Clemens C.; Bochmann, Katja; Meimarakis, Georgios; Dietrich, Olaf; Clevert, Dirk-André; Frey, Ute; Yuan, Chun; Hatsukami, Thomas S.; Werf, Abe; Reiser, Maximilian F.; Nikolaou, Konstantin (2009): High resolution carotid black-blood 3T MR with parallel imaging and dedicated 4-channel surface coils. In: Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 11:41 [PDF, 1MB]

Underhill, Hunter R.; Yuan, Chun; Terry, James G.; Chen, Haiying; Espeland, Mark A.; Hatsukami, Thomas S.; Saam, Tobias; Chu, Baocheng; Yu, Wei; Oikawa, Minako; Takaya, Norihide; Yarnykh, Vasily L.; Kraft, Robert; Carr, J. Jeffrey; Maldjian, Joseph; Tang, Rong; Crouse, John R. (2008): Differences in carotid arterial morphology and composition between individuals with and without obstructive coronary artery disease: A cardiovascular magnetic resonance study. In: Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 10:31 [PDF, 698kB]

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