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Moretti, A.; Fonteyne, L.; Giesert, F.; Hoppmann, P.; Meier, A. B.; Bozoglu, T.; Baehr, A.; Schneider, C. M.; Sinnecker, D.; Klett, K.; Fröhlich, T.; Rahman, F. Abdel; Haufe, T.; Sun, S.; Jurisch, V.; Kessler, B.; Hinkel, R.; Dirschinger, R.; Martens, E.; Jilek, C.; Graf, A.; Krebs, S.; Santamaria, G.; Kurome, M.; Zakhartchenko, V.; Campbell, B.; Voelse, K.; Wolf, A.; Ziegler, T.; Reichert, S.; Lee, S.; Flenkenthaler, F.; Dorn, T.; Jeremias, I.; Blum, H.; Dendorfer, A.; Schnieke, A.; Krause, S.; Walter, M. C.; Klymiuk, N.; Laugwitz, K. L.; Wolf, E.; Wurst, W. and Kupatt, C. (2020): Somatic gene editing ameliorates skeletal and cardiac muscle failure in pig and human models of Duchenne muscular dystrophy. In: Nature Medicine, Vol. 26, No. 2: pp. 207-214 [PDF, 5MB]


Heininen-Brown, M.; Graf, A.; Wünsch, A.; Zakhartchenko, V.; Mallok, S.; Krebs, S.; Wolf, E. and Blum, H. (2017): Study of the impact of somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) on transcriptome of early bovine embryos. In: Reproduction in Domestic Animals, Vol. 52: p. 23

Lavagi, I.; Krebs, S.; Simmet, K.; Zakhartchenko, V.; Wolf, E. and Blum, H. (2017): Single-cell RNA sequencing of bovine Day 2 and Day 3 embryos reveals developmental heterogeneity and early differentiation events. In: Reproduction in Domestic Animals, Vol. 52: pp. 31-32


Cavusoglu, T.; Popken, J.; Guengoer, T.; Yilmaz, O.; Uyanikgil, Y.; Ates, U.; Baka, M.; Oztas, E. and Zakhartchenko, V. (2016): Ultra-Structural Alterations in In Vitro Produced Four-Cell Bovine Embryos Following Controlled Slow Freezing or Vitrification. In: Anatomia Histologia Embryologia, Vol. 45, No. 4: pp. 291-307

Kemter, E.; Schaefer, M.; Cohrs, C.; Ivashchenko, Y.; Steinmeyer, K.; Schuster, M.; Wuensch, A.; Kurome, M.; Kessler, B.; Zakhartchenko, V.; Loehn, M.; Seissler, J.; Speier, S.; Schulte, A. M. and Wolf, E. (2016): Transgenic pigs with green fluorescent protein-labeled pancreatic beta cells. In: Diabetologia, Vol. 59: S202-S203

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