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Chu, Chang-Feng; Sabath, Florian; Fibi-Smetana, Silvia; Sun, Shan; Oellinger, Rupert; Noessner, Elfriede; Chao, Ying-Yin; Rinke, Linus; Winheim, Elena; Rad, Roland; Krug, Anne B.; Taher, Leila and Zielinski, Christina E. (19. August 2021): Convalescent COVID-19 Patients Without Comorbidities Display Similar Immunophenotypes Over Time Despite Divergent Disease Severities. In: Frontiers in Immunology, Vol. 12 [PDF, 13MB]

Arunkumar, Mahima and Zielinski, Christina E. (2021): T-Cell Receptor Repertoire Analysis with Computational Tools-An Immunologist's Perspective. In: Cells, Vol. 10, No. 12, 3582

Matthias, Julia; Heink, Sylvia; Picard, Felix; Zeitraeg, Julia; Kolz, Anna; Chao, Ying-Yin; Soll, Dominik; de Almeida, Gustavo P.; Glasmacher, Elke; Jacobsen, Ilse D.; Riedel, Thomas; Peters, Anneli; Floess, Stefan; Huehn, Jochen; Baumjohann, Dirk; Huber, Magdalena; Korn, Thomas and Zielinski, Christina E. (2020): Salt generates antiinflammatory Th17 cells but amplifies pathogenicity in proinflammatory cytokine microenvironments. In: Journal of Clinical Investigation, Vol. 130, No. 9: pp. 4587-4600

Matthias, Julia; Maul, Julia; Noster, Rebecca; Meinl, Hanna; Chao, Ying-Yin; Gerstenberg, Heiko; Jeschke, Florian; Gasparoni, Gilles; Welle, Anna; Walter, Jörn; Nordstroem, Karl; Eberhardt, Klaus; Renisch, Dennis; Donakonda, Sainitin; Knolle, Percy; Soll, Dominik; Grabbe, Stephan; Garzorz-Stark, Natalie; Eyerich, Kilian; Biedermann, Tilo; Baumjohann, Dirk and Zielinski, Christina E. (2019): Sodium chloride is an ionic checkpoint for human T(H)2 cells and shapes the atopic skin microenvironment. In: Science Translational Medicine, Vol. 11, No. 480, eaau0683

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