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Danzer, Alexander M. (September 2013): Benefit Generosity and the Income Effect on Labour Supply: Quasi-Experimental Evidence. In: The Economic Journal, Vol. 123, Nr. 571: S. 1059-1084

Danzer, Alexander M.; Dietz, Barbara (2013): Labour Migration from Eastern Europe and the EU’s Quest for Talents. In: Journal of Common Market Studies

Danzer, Alexander M.; Dietz, Barbara; Gatskova, Ksenia; Schmillen, Achim (2013): Showing off to the new neighbors? Income, socioeconomic status and consumption patterns of internal migrants. In: Journal of Comparative Economics, Vol. 42, Nr. 1: S. 230-245

Danzer, Alexander M.; Yaman, Firat (2013): Do ethnic enclaves impede immigrants’ integration? Evidence from a quasi-experimental social-interaction approach. In: Review of International Economics, Vol. 21, Nr. 2: S. 311-325


Danzer, Alexander M.; Dolton, Peter J. (2012): Total Reward and pensions in the UK in the public and private sectors. In: Labour Economics, Vol. 19, Nr. 4: S. 584-594


Danzer, Alexander M. (2011): Economic benefits of facilitating the integration of immigrants. In: CESifo DICE Report, Vol. 9, Nr. 4: S. 14-19

Danzer, Alexander M.; Ulku, Hulya (2011): Integration, Social Networks and Economic Success of Immigrants: A Case Study of the Turkish Community in Berlin. In: Kyklos, Vol. 64, Nr. 3: S. 342-365


Brück, Tilman; Danzer, Alexander M.; Muravyev, Alexander; Weisshaar, Natalia (2010): Poverty during transition: Household survey evidence from Ukraine. In: Journal of Comparative Economics, Vol. 38, Nr. 2: S. 123-145

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