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Antonutti Marfori, Marianna ORCID: 0000-0002-2339-9558 (2018): Human-Effective Computability. In: Philosophia Mathematica: S. 1-27 [PDF, 241kB]

Stewart, Rush T.; Quintana, Ignacio Ojea (Februar 2018): Probabilistic Opinion Pooling with Imprecise Probabilities. In: Journal of Philosophical Logic, Vol. 47, Nr. 1: S. 17-45 [PDF, 393kB]


Stewart, Rush T.; Quintana, Ignacio Ojea (Juni 2017): Learning and Pooling, Pooling and Learning. In: Erkenntnis [PDF, 372kB]


Kapsner, Andreas (2015): On Gluts in Mathematics and Science. In: Trends in Logic


Schiemer, Georg (2013): Carnap’s Early Semantics. In: Erkenntnis, Vol. 78, Nr. 3: S. 487-522

Schiemer, Georg; Reck, Erich (2013): Logic in the 1930s: type theory and model theory. In: The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 19, Nr. 4: S. 433-472


Lyon, Aidan (2012): Mathematical Explanations of Empirical Facts, and Mathematical Realism. In: Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 90, Nr. 3: S. 559-578

Schiemer, Georg (2012): Carnap on extremal axioms, completeness of the models, and categoricity. In: The Review of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 5, Nr. 4: S. 613-641

Schiemer, Georg (2012): Carnap’s Untersuchungen: Logicism, Formal Axiomatics, and Metatheory. In: Creath, Richard (Hrsg.): Rudolf Carnap and the Legacy of Logical Empiricism. Vienna Circle Institute Yearbook, Bd. 16. Springer Netherlands. S. 13-36


Schiemer, Georg (2010): Fraenkel's Axiom of Restriction: axiom choice, intended models, and categoricity. In: Löwe, Benedikt; Müller, Thomas (Hrsg.): Philosophy of Mathematics: Sociological Aspects and Mathematical Practice. Texts in Philosophy, Bd. 11. London: College Publications. S. 307-340

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