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Ducher, Cécile (2017): Building a Tradition: The Lives of Mar-pa the Translator. Collectanea Himalayica, Bd. 5. München: Indus Verlag. [PDF, 7MB]


Solmsdorf, Nikolai (2014): Treasure-Traditions of Western Tibet: Rig-’dzin Gar-dbang rdo-rje snying-po (1640–1685) and His Activities in Mang-yul Gung-thang. Collectanea Himalayica, Bd. 4. München: Indus Verlag. [PDF, 1MB]


Chayet, Anne; Scherrer-Schaub, Cristina; Robin, Françoise; Achard, Jean-Luc (Hrsg.) (2010): Edition, éditions: l'écrit au Tibet, évolution et devenir. Collectanea Himalayica, Bd. 3. München: Indus Verlag. [PDF, 14MB]


Ehrhard, Franz-Karl (2008): A Rosary of Rubies: The Chronicle of the Gur-rigs mDo-chen Tradition from South-Western Tibet. Collectanea Himalayica, Bd. 2. München: Indus Verlag. [PDF, 2MB]


Kramer, Ralf (2007): The Great Tibetan Translator: Life and Works of rNgog Blo ldan shes rab (1059–1109). Collectanea Himalayica, Bd. 1. München: Indus Verlag. [PDF, 60MB]

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