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Butzmann, Rainer and Fischer, Thilo C. (2013): Fossil water lily fruits with seeds Nymphaea subgenus Lotos, from the Oligocene of Armissan/Narbonne (France). In: Zitteliana, Vol. A 53: pp. 93-104 [PDF, 1MB]

Böhme, Madelaine; Aiglstorfer, Manuela; Antoine, Pierre-Olivier; Appel, Erwin; Havlik, Philipe; Métais, Grégoire; The Phuc, Laq; Schneider, Simon; Setzer, Fabian; Tappert, Ralf; Ngoc Tran, Dang; Uhl, Dieter and Prieto, Jérôme (2013): Na Duong (northern Vietnam) – an exceptional window into Eocene ecosystems from Southeast Asia. In: Zitteliana, Vol. A 53: pp. 121-167 [PDF, 5MB]

Dietze, Volker; Schweigert, Günter; Rieber, Hans and Borer, Peter (2013): Neufunde von Ammoniten der Unterfamilie Erycitinae Spath, 1928 aus dem Aalenium (Mitteljura) des Schweizer Juras und des Wutach-Gebiets (SW-Deutschland). In: Zitteliana, Vol. A 53: pp. 3-13 [PDF, 1MB]

Fischer, Thilo C. (2013): Pygmy moths (Lepidoptera, Nepticulidae) from Baltic Amber (Eocene). In: Zitteliana, Vol. A 53: pp. 85-92 [PDF, 1MB]

Krings, Michael; Taylor, Thomas N.; Dotzler, Nora and Harper, Carla J. (2013): Frankbaronia velata nov. sp., a putative peronosporomycete oogonium containing multiple oospores from the Lower Devonian Rhynie chert. In: Zitteliana, Vol. A 53: pp. 23-30 [PDF, 1MB]

Löser, Hannes; Werner, Winfried and Darga, Robert (2013): A Middle Cenomanian coral fauna from the Northern Calcareous Alps (Bavaria, Southern Germany) – new insights into the evolution of Mid-Cretaceous corals. In: Zitteliana, Vol. A 53: pp. 37-76 [PDF, 3MB]

Moser, Markus (2013): Transfer of type specimens of fossil fishes to the Bavarian State Collection for Palaeontology and Geology with some notes on their history of research. In: Zitteliana, Vol. A 53: pp. 169-177 [PDF, 1MB]

Pickford, Martin (2013): A Middle Miocene large Hominoid from Thannhausen (MN 5-6) Germany. In: Zitteliana, Vol. A 53: pp. 31-36 [PDF, 1MB]

Prieto, Jérôme (2013): Hystrix record from Taşkinpaşa (Upper Miocene, Central Anatolia). In: Zitteliana, Vol. A 53: pp. 179-180 [PDF, 955kB]

Rai, Jyotsana and Jain, Sreepat (2013): Pliensbachian nannofossils from Kachchh: Implications on the earliest Jurassic transgressive event on the western Indian margin. In: Zitteliana, Vol. A 53: pp. 105-120 [PDF, 1MB]

Senowbari-Daryan, Baba and Amirhassankhani, Fatemeh (2013): Lovcenipora iranica nov. sp., an unusually large chaetetid sponge from the Upper Triassic (Howz-e Khan member, Nayband Formation) of northeast Iran. In: Zitteliana, Vol. A 53: pp. 15-22 [PDF, 1MB]

Winkler, Norbert (2013): A new genus and species of caridean shrimps from the Upper Jurassic Solnhofen Lithographic Limestones of Schernfeld (S Germany). In: Zitteliana, Vol. A 53: pp. 77-83 [PDF, 1MB]

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