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Fahrmeir, Ludwig and Knorr-Held, Leonhard (1996): Dynamic discrete-time duration models. (REVISED). Collaborative Research Center 386, Discussion Paper 14 [PDF, 460kB]


Discrete-time grouped duration data, with one or multiple types of terminating events, are often observed in social sciences or economics. In this paper we suggest and discuss dynamic models for flexible Bayesian nonparametric analysis of such data. These models allow simultaneous incorporation and estimation of baseline hazards and time-varying covariate effects, without imposing particular parametric forms. Methods for exploring the possibility of time-varying effects, as for example the impact of nationality or unemployment insurance benefits on the probability of re-employment, have recently gained increasing interest. Our modelling and estimation approach is fully Bayesian and makes use of Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) simulation techniques. A detailed analysis of unemployment duration data, with full-time job, part-time job and other causes as terminating events, illustrates our methods and shows how they can be used to obtain refined results and interpretations.

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