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Kupatt, Christian; Habazettl, Helmut; Zahler, Stefan; Weber, Christian; Becker, Bernhard F.; Messmer, Konrad; Gerlach, Eckehart (1997): ACE-inhibition prevents postischemic coronary leukocyte adhesion and leukocyte-dependent reperfusion injury. In: Cardiovascular Research, Vol. 36, No. 3: pp. 386-395


Objective: Polymorphonuclear leukocytes (PMN), retained in the microvascular bed, can contribute to postischemic myocardial reperfusion injury. Since a beneficial effect of ACE-inhibition on reperfusion injury has been reported, we investigated the impact of cilazaprilat on PMN dependent reperfusion injury in isolated guinea pig hearts. Methods: Hearts (n=5 per group) were subjected to 15 min of ischemia. Immediately thereafter, a bolus of PMN was injected into the coronary system. External heart work (EHW) and total cardiac nitric oxide release were measured. For microscopic evaluation, hearts received rhodamine 6G labelled PMN after ischemia, were arrested 5 min later and further perfused with FITC dextran (0.1%). Localization of retained PMN was assessed by fluorescence microscopy. Leukocyte activation was studied by FACS analysis of the adhesion molecule CD11b before and after coronary passage of the PMN. The ACE-inhibitor cilazaprilat (Cila, 2 μM) and the NO-synthase inhibitor nitro-L-arginine (NOLAG, 10 μM) were used to modulate nitric oxide formation of the heart. Results: Postischemic EHW recovered to 67±5% (controls) and 64±6% (Cila) of the preischemic value. Addition of PMN severely depressed recovery of EHW (39±2%) and NO release (39±6% of the preischemic value). Simultaneously, ischemia led to a substantial increase in postcapillary PMN adhesion (from 21±5 to 172±27 PMN/mm² surface) and CD11b-expression of the recovered PMN (3-fold). Cila attenuated postischemic PMN adhesion (83±52 PMN/mm²) and activation of PMN, whereas it improved recovery of work performance (64±4%) and NO release (65±4%) in the presence of PMN. Conversely, NOLAG increased PMN adhesion (284±40 PMN/mm²) and myocardial injury. We conclude that ACE-inhibition prevents leukocyte dependent reperfusion injury mainly by inhibition of postcapillary leukocyte adhesion. The effect may be mediated by NO, given the proadhesive effect of NOLAG.