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Unkel, Steffen; Gower, John C. and Trendafilov, Nickolay T. (10. May 2013): On the Procrustean analogue of individual differences scaling (INDSCAL). Department of Statistics: Technical Reports, No.144 [PDF, 933kB]


In this paper, individual differences scaling (INDSCAL) is revisited, considering INDSCAL as being embedded within a hierarchy of individual difference scaling models. We explore the members of this family, distinguishing (i) models, (ii) the role of identification and substantive constraints, (iii) criteria for fitting models and (iv) algorithms to optimise the criteria. Model formulations may be based either on data that are in the form of proximities or on configurational matrices. In its configurational version, individual difference scaling may be formulated as a form of generalized Procrustes analysis. Algorithms are introduced for fitting the new models. An application from sensory evaluation illustrates the performance of the methods and their solutions.

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