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Hoefling, Felix; Munk, Tobias; Frey, Erwin and Franosch, Thomas (June 2008): Entangled dynamics of a stiff polymer. + Publishers note. In: Physical Review E, Vol. 77, No. 6, 1: 060904-1 [PDF, 254kB]


Entangled networks of stiff biopolymers exhibit complex dynamic response, emerging from the topological constraints that neighboring filaments impose upon each other. We propose a class of reference models for entanglement dynamics of stiff polymers and provide a quantitative foundation of the tube concept for stiff polymers. For an infinitely thin needle exploring a planar course of point obstacles, we have performed large-scale computer simulations proving the conjectured scaling relations from the fast transverse equilibration to the slowest process of orientational relaxation. We determine the rotational diffusion coefficient of the tracer, its angular confinement, the tube diameter, and the orientational correlation functions.

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