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Wittmann, Georg; Frank, Josef; Schramm, Wolfgang and Spannagl, Michael (2007): Automation and data processing with the immucor Galileo (R) system in a university blood bank. In: Transfusion Medicine and Hemotherapy, No. 5: pp. 347-352 [PDF, 212kB]


Background: The implementation of automated techniques improves the workflow and quality of immuno-hematological results. The workflows of our university blood bank were reviewed during the implementation of an automated immunohematological testing system. Methods: Work impact of blood grouping and subgrouping, cross- matching and antibody search using the Immucor Galileo system was compared to the previous used standard manual and semi- automated methods. Results: The redesign of our workflow did not achieve a significant reduction of the specimen's working process time, the operator's time however was reduced by 23%. Corresponding results were achieved for blood grouping, Rhesus typing, antibody screen and for autocontrol when changing from two semi- automated to the Galileo system. Because of the higher sensitivity of the Immucor antibody detection system, the rate of the initial positive antibody screens rose from 4 to 6% Conclusion: The Immucor Galileo system automates routine blood bank testing with high reliability, specificity and higher sensitivity compared to our previous used standard manual and semi- automated methods.

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