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Brodt, Simon; Bry, François and Eisinger, Norbert (2009): Search for More Declarativity. Backward Reasoning for Rule Languages Reconsidered. Third International Conference on Web Reasoning and Rule Systems, Chantilly, Virginia, USA, 25.- 26. Oktober 2009. In: Web Reasoning and Rule Systems : Third International Conference, RR 2009, Chantilly, VA, USA, October 25-26, 2009, Proceedings, Berlin u.a.: Springer. pp. 71-86 [PDF, 348kB]


Good tree search algorithms are a key requirement for inference engines of rule languages. As Prolog exemplifies, inference engines based on traditional uninformed search methods with their well-known deficiencies are prone to compromise declarativity, the primary concern of rule languages. The paper presents a new family of uninformed search algorithms that combine the advantages of the traditional ones while avoiding their shortcomings. Moreover, the paper introduces a formal framework based on partial orderings, which allows precise and elegant analysis of such algorithms.

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