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Barz, Ralph-Uwe; Grassl, M.; Gille, Peter (2001): Study of anisotropic effects in hydrothermal growth of gallium orthophosphate single crystals [L’etude des effets anisotropes pendant la croissance hydrothermale des monocristaux d’orthophosphate de gallium]. In: Annales de Chimie: Science des Materiaux, Vol. 26, Nr. 1: S. 95-98
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For the growth of large gallium orthophosphate single crystals of sufficient structural perfection, it seems to be promissing to offer seed crystal faces with as high as possible growth rates. In this study, faces 110 and 011 as well as (1̄ 1̄ 0) and (110) have been investigated. Comparative results referring to their individual growth rates, i.e. with respect to anisotropic effects, are given.