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Hirnet, A.; Schroeder, K.; Blügel, S.; Torrelles, Xavier; Albrecht, M.; Jenichen, B.; Gierer, M.; Moritz, Wolfgang (2002): Novel Sb induced reconstruction of the (113) surface of Ge. In: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 88, Nr. 22: 226102/1-226102/4
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A study was carried out to illustrate that Sb occupies two different sites on Ge(113), one adsorption site saturating three dangling bonds per primitive unit cell and an interstitial site which releases the strain in the [332̄] direction. The bonding of Sb to Ge was found to be stronger than on Ge(100) and (111) surfaces and corresponding Si surfaces. The c(2 x 2) structure was very stable. In particular, very little change upon annealing to 50 K below the melting point of Ge was observed.