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Hradil, K.; Scholpp, T.; Frey, Friedrich; Haibach, T.; Estermann, M. A.; Capitan, M. (2000): Neutron and X-ray investigation of disordered quasicrystals. In: Materials Science and Engineering A, Vol. 294-296: pp. 303-307
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Disorder in decagonal quasicrystals is studied by ‘contrasting methods’, i.e. by joint analysis of X-ray and neutron data and by use of the anomalous dispersion method, to learn about the relative influence of the transition metals. First experimental results with decagonal Al-Ni-Co samples of different origin are discussed qualitatively. A comparative study of Patterson maps from neutron and X-ray Bragg data of d-Al72.5Ni16.5Co11 gives direct evidence for particular sites occupied by Co.