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Rochette, P.; Gattacceca, J.; Chevrier, V.; Hoffmann, Viktor H.; Lorand, J.-P.; Funaki, M.; Hochleitner, Rupert (2005): Matching Martian crustal magnetization and magnetic properties of Martian meteorites. In: Meteoritics and Planetary Science, Vol. 40, No. 4: pp. 529-540
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Magnetic properties of 26 (of 32) unpaired Martian meteorites (SNCs) are synthesized to further constrain the lithology carrying Martian magnetic crustal sources. Magnetic properties of ultramafic cumulates (i.e., Chassigny, Allan Hills [ALH] 84001) and lherzolitic shergottites (ALH 77005, Lewis Cliff [LEW] 88516) are one or two orders of magnitude too weak to account for the crustal magnetizations, assuming magnetization in an Earth-like field. Nakhlites and some basaltic shergottites, which are the most magnetic SNCs, show the right intensity. Titanomagnetite is the magnetic carrier in the nakhlites (7 meteorites), whereas in most basaltic shergottites (11 meteorites) it is pyrrhotite. Dhofar (Dho) 378, Los Angeles, and NWA 480/1460 and 2046 are anomalous basaltic shergottites, as their magnetism is mainly due to titanomagnetite. Pyrrhotite should be among the candidate minerals for the magnetized Noachian crust.