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Sharma, H. R.; Franke, K. J.; Theis, W.; Riemann, A.; Fölsch, S.; Rieder, K.-H.; Gille, Peter (2004): Investigation of the twofold decagonal Al71.8Ni 14.8Co13.4(1 0 0 0 0) surface by SPA-LEED and He diffraction. In: Surface Science, Vol. 561, No. 2-3: pp. 121-126
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


The twofold decagonal Al71.8Ni14.8Co13.4(1 0 0 0 0) surface is investigated by using highly surface sensitive elastic helium atom scattering (HAS) and high resolution spot profile analyzing low energy electron diffraction (SPA-LEED). SPA-LEED and HAS data reveal diffraction patterns of the top most surface layer consistent with those of the surfaces generated by bulk truncations. Strong diffraction peaks corresponding to an 8 Å periodicity are observed. These peaks are broadened along the quasiperiodic surface direction, reflecting a reduced correlation length of ≈80 Å of the 8 Å periodicity within the quasicrystalline planes. In addition very weak streaks corresponding to a 16 Å periodicity are observed.