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Rosshirt, E.; Frey, Friedrich; Kupcik, V.; Miehe, G. (1990): Measurement of anisotropic diffuse scattering with synchrotron radiation. In: Journal of Applied Crystallography, Vol. 23, No. 1: pp. 21-25


Anisotropic diffuse scattering of the 1D conductor K-hollandite has been measured at a synchrotron source and compared with measurements with a rotating anode. The intensity gain of more than one order of magnitude and the ability to adjust the wavelength provide the counting statistics in a few hours that are necessary for a quantitative analysis of diffuse phenomena. The main advantage of a synchroton source is the high resolution throughout reciprocal space (low and high Q). Thus, commensurate/incommensurate positions of diffuse layers may be distinguished, weak diffuse maxima become detectable and small peak shifts of diffuse modulations clearly visible.