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Schmahl, Wolfgang W. (1993): Athermal transformation behaviour and thermal hysteresis at the SiO2-α/β-cristobalite phase transition. In: European Journal of Mineralogy, Vol. 5, Nr. 2: S. 377-380
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The α/β-phase-transition of cristobalite (SiO2) shows a stable and reproducible hysteresis loop with phase coexistence on both slopes. The transition proceeds as a function of temperature rather than isothermally. The non-thermally-activated (athermal) behaviour is analogous to martensitic transformations in metals and alloys, and similar to the hysteresis of ferroics in an applied field. The observations suggest that self-pinning by coherency-strain is the cause of the \"thermal’ hysteresis of non-quenchable structure phase transitions. -from Author