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Lorenz, G.; Neder, R. B.; Marxreiter, J.; Frey, Friedrich; Schneider, J. (1993): Mirror furnace for neutron diffraction up to 2300 K. In: Journal of Applied Crystallography, Vol. 26, No. pt 5: pp. 632-635


This paper describes a mirror furnace that has been developed for neutron diffraction work at temperatures up to 2300 K. It is based on a reflecting rotational ellipsoid, in which the heating element, a halogen lamp, is placed at one focus and the sample at the other. It works in a normal, i.e. oxidizing, atmosphere, but can also be used in a vacuum. It has been developed for experiments of long duration. The stability and reproducibility of the temperature are better than 1\% of the setting temperature. Further main characteristics are applicability to single-crystal and powder work, very low background, low power consumption and very easy and cheap handling. Several experiments have been carried out with the furnace.