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Frey, Friedrich; Jagodzinski, H.; Steger, G. (1986): On the phase transformation zinc blende to wurtzite. In: Bulletin de Mineralogie, Vol. 109, No. 1-2: pp. 117-129
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The transformation ZnS(3C) rt arrow ZnS(2H) was studied by XRD in powders and in single-crystals of different origins. A well established transformation behaviour was found in powders, but a more or less hindered 3C rt arrow 2H transformation in single crystalline material. Almost faultless ZnS(3C) crystals undergo no transformation. The prehistory of the sample (growth conditions, T-time-treatment) is of essential importance, but chemical impurities (<1\%) are of minor importance. The transformation is first order, heterogeneous, athermal and irreversible in a thermodynamic sense and may be described by a nucleus formation process out of faulted regions and a subsequent nucleus growth process determined by other factors. Polytypic variants are realized in sequences >1000 A thick and may be imagined as ’dead ends’ of statistical structural fluctuations.-J.M.H.