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Moritz, Wolfgang; Landskron, J.; Grünberg, T. (1997): Analysis of thermal vibrations and incommensurate layers by low energy electron diffraction. In: Surface Review and Letters, Vol. 4, No. 3: pp. 469-478
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The multiple scattering theory of LEED is briefly reviewed, and recent developments concerning the analysis of thermal vibrations with LEED and the analysis of lattice modulations in incommensurate layers are discussed. Usually only isotropic thermal vibrations have been considered in LEED structure analyses. This restriction can be overcome by an extension of the theory to anisotropic and anharmonic vibrations, allowing not only a higher precision in the determination of structure parameters but also the study of dynamical processes with LEED. In the case of incommensurate layers the satellite reflections arise from multiple diffraction as well as from modulations in the adsorbate or substrate lattice. It is shown that an approximation can be introduced in the multiple scattering formalism to calculate the satellite intensities. The method can be applied to incommensurate layers as well as to higher order commensurate layers.