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Babkevich, A. Yu.; Frey, Friedrich; Gramlich, V.; Steurer, Walter (1996): X-ray investigation of a Co-0.25 wt\% C alloy: Stacking disorder in the martensite phase and reverse H.C.P. to F.C.C. martensitic transformation. In: Physica Status Solidi (A) Applied Research, Vol. 154, No. 2: pp. 517-530
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Cobalt samples with a nominal content of 0.25 wt\% C (1.22 at\% C) have been studied by X-ray diffraction at room temprature and after cooling to -196 °C. From the lattice constants an actual value of 0.18 wt\% C (0.88 at\% C) can be calculated, the rest of carbon being exsolved. In this alloy the f.c.c.→h.c.p. transition is observed. Absolute values of intensities were measured and related to stacking disorder. The disorder is analysed in terms of a correlated distribution of stacking faults by a Monte Carlo simulation technique. Diffuse intensity was also recorded during the reverse h.c.p. to f.c.c. martensitic transformation up to 700 °C. The results indicate that f.c.c. phase appears by regular growth of a small number of embryos within the product phase.