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Proffen, Th.; Neder, R. B. und Frey, Friedrich (1996): 3D Data set of diffuse X-ray scattering of calcium-stabilized zirconia. In: Journal of Solid State Chemistry, Vol. 126, Nr. 1: S. 33-37
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Measurements of a 3-dimensional data set of disorder diffuse scattering of stabilized zirconia doped with 15 mol\% CaO were carried out on a CAD4 diffractometer using a 2-dimensional position-sensitive detector (PSD). Calculations presented in this paper indicate that all observed diffuse data can be explained by the superposition of diffuse maxima located in symmetrically equivalent [110] zones corresponding to satellite vectors of ±(0.4 0.4 ±0.8). The halfwidth of the diffuse maxima perpendicular to the layers of the [110] zone is in the same range as within the layers.