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Ivkov, Jovica; Stanic, Denis; Popčević, Petar; Smontara, Ana; Dolinšek, Janez and Gille, Peter (2010): HALL EFFECT IN THE CRYSTALLINE ORTHOROMBIC o-Al13Co4 APPROXIMANT TO THE DECAGONAL QUASICRYSTALS. In: Materiali in Tehnologije, Vol. 44, No. 1: pp. 9-12

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


We have investigated the anisotropic Hall effect of the o-Al13Co4orthorhombic approximant to the decagonal phase. Thecrystalline-direction-dependent measurements were Performed along the a,b and c direction of the orthorhombic Unit cell. The Hall all effect hasbeen measured for all the combinations of the electrical current andmagnetic field directions. The Hall coefficients RI, change with thecrystallographic direction from negative electron-like or zero topositive hole-like for different combinations of the current and fielddirections. The results for the anisotropy of R-n is well correlatedwith the anisotropy of Rn in the d-Al-Ni-Co and d-Al-Cu-Coquasicrystals. The Hall coefficients of the o-Al13Co4 phase werecompared to the literature data on single crystals of the Al76Co22Ni2and the Al80Cr15Fe5 approximants to the decagonal quasicrystals.allowing I study of the evolution of the Hall coefficient with anincreasing structural complexity and unit-cell size.

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