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Gille, Peter; Ziemer, T.; Schmidt, M.; Kovnir, K.; Burkhardt, U. und Armbrüster, Marc (2010): Growth of large PdGa single crystals from the melt. In: Intermetallics, Vol. 18, Nr. 8: S. 1663-1668
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Single crystal growth of PdGa which is a highly selective catalyst forthe semi-hydrogenation of acetylene is reported for the first time.Bridgman as well as Czochralski methods were used starting fromoff-stoichiometric or congruent melting compositions. While Bridgmangrowth always resulted in poly-crystalline ingots with individual grainsrestricted to a few millimeters in size, using the Czochralski techniquefrom Ga-rich solutions allowed the growth of PdGa single crystals ofseveral cubic centimeters.