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Hahne, Michael; Gille, Peter (2013): Single crystal growth of the intermetallic compound InPd. In: Journal of Crystal Growth
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Quite recently intermetallic compounds have been investigated as catalysts for heterogeneous catalysis as they can be highly active regarding a specific reaction and often show advantages in selectivity and long-term stability. The intermetallic phase InPd (CsCl structure type) is considered to be a possible catalyst for methanol steam reforming. Single crystals are needed to study the basic processes of catalysis. Using the Czochralski technique, InPd single crystals were grown from In-rich solutions as to reduce the vapor pressure of In. The crystals show some unusual rough surface morphology and gradients concerning the main components composition. By adjusting the growth parameters like growth temperature and growth rate we succeeded to get inclusion-free single crystals.