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Schmahl, Wolfgang W.; Griesshaber, Erika; Kelm, Klemens; Ball, Alexander; Goetz, Andreas J.; Xu, Dayin; Kreitmeier, Lisa and Jordan, Guntram (2012): Towards systematics of calcite biocrystals: insight from the inside. In: Zeitschrift fur Kristallographie, Vol. 227, No. 8, 2: pp. 604-611

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Biocrystals of calcite are frequent as they are employed by many phylaeof organisms in shells, eggshells, teeth, spines or sensoric apparatus.The calcite phase in these materials occurs in a range of constitutions,from polycrystalline fabrics to “single-crystals”. We demonstratesystematics of calcite biocrystal architectures, from the hybridcomposite mesocrystal fibres of brachiopod and mollusc shells, via thesubmillimeter-sized hybrid composite crystal aggregates formed bymesocrystal fibres with both morphological co-orientation and latticeco-orientation, to more complex purpose-oriented multiplex compositecrystals of echinoderm teeth, which feature a high degree ofsingle-crystal-like 3D orientational correlation of microstructuralelements of different morphology and composition. These systematics relyon observations by electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) and TEM.

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