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Jeutter, N. M.; Moritz, Wolfgang; Sidorenko, A. und Stierle, A. (2007): Crystalline Pr2O3 monolayers on Si(111). In: Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 90, Nr. 6
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In this study the authors present an x-ray analysis of the structure and of the interface of 1 ML Pr2 O3 on Si(111). The x-ray analysis shows that the interface is formed of a Si-O-Pr bond with Pr above the T4 adsorption site of silicon (111). The layer exhibits a thickness of 0.6 nm corresponding to one bulk unit cell from the hexagonal phase of Pr2 O3. The layer is well ordered with Pr-O bond lengths close to the bulk values and a Si-O distance of 0.18 nm.