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Aldushin, Kirill; Jordan, Guntram and Schmahl, Wolfgang W. (2006): Kinematics of apophyllite leaching - A terrace-ledge-kink process within phyllosilicate interlayers. In: Journal of Crystal Growth, Vol. 297, No. 1: pp. 161-168

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The phyllosilicate apophyllite undergoes interlayer ion leaching andswelling in acidic aqueous solutions. These processes propagate withinthe interlayers at distinct reaction fronts, which can be locallyresolved by atomic force microscopy (AFM). Thus, AFM enables toinvestigate both the reaction kinetics and the front kinematics. Thepresent study shows that the front kinematics depends strongly on thecrystal structure and solution composition. The observed kinematics canaccurately be described by kink-nucleation and kink-propagationprocesses. In this way, the reaction kinematics within the apophylliteinterlayer consequently follows a terrace-ledge-kink model pattern,which has initially been developed for the growth and dissolution ofcrystals on free uncovered surfaces. Thus the results imply that theoccurrence of processes with terrace-ledge-kink-type kinematics is notrestricted to surfaces but well extends into the confined spaces ofphyllosilicate interlayers.

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