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Dolinšek, Janez; Smontara, Ana; Barišić, Osor S.; Gille, Peter (2009): Phonon-enhanced thermoelectric power of Y-Al-Ni-Co decagonal approximant. In: Zeitschrift fur Kristallographie, Vol. 224, No. 1-2: pp. 64-66


We have investigated anisotropic electrical resistivity andthermoelectric power of the ypsilon-phase Al-Ni-Co (Y-Al-Ni-Co)decagonal approximant with composition Al(76)Co(22)Ni(2). Thecrystalline-direction-dependent measurements were performed along threeorthogonal directions a*, b and c of the Y-Al-Ni-Co unit cell, where(a, c) monoclinic atomic planes are stacked along the perpendicular bdirection. Anisotropic electrical resistivity is low in all crystallinedirections, appearing in the order rho(a*) > rho(c) > rho(b) andshowing positive temperature coefficient typical of electron-phononscattering mechanism. Thermopower shows electron-phonon enhancementeffect. Anisotropic bare thermopower (in the absence of electron-phononinteractions) was extracted, appearing in the same order as theresistivity, vertical bar S(a*)(bare)/T vertical bar > vertical barS(c)(bare)/T vertical bar > vertical bar S(b)(bare)/T vertical bar.