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Hjorvarsson, Bjorgvin; Pentcheva, Rossitza (2008): Modern growth problems and growth techniques. In: Zabel, H.; Bader, S. D. (eds.) : Magnetic Heterostructures: Advances and Perspective in Spinstructures and Spintransport. Vol. 227. pp. 1-44
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


The growth and characterization of magnetic materials has progressedsubstantially during the last decades. In this chapter we give a briefoverview of this vastly growing field of research. We highlight some ofthe relevant growth techniques for different materials classes but we donot intend to be complete with respect to technical details or materialssystems. We also outline some of the concepts and theories of the growthof modern magnetic materials, emphasizing the role of first principlescalculations in providing microscopic understanding of the growthmechanisms. We discuss the growth of metallic and oxide single crystalfilms, multilayers and superlattices and the influence of thickness,strain, crystallinity, structure and morphology on the resultingmagnetic properties.