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Smontara, Ana; Stanic, Denis; Smiljanic, Igor; Dolinšek, Janez; Gille, Peter (2009): Anisotropic electrical and thermal conductivities of the Al76Co22Ni2 decagonal approximant. In: Zeitschrift fur Kristallographie, Vol. 224, No. 1-2: pp. 56-58


The electrical (sigma) and thermal conductivity (lambda) of Al76Co22Ni2decagonal approximant has been measured along three orthogonaldirections a*, b and c of the Al76Co22Ni2 unit cell, where (a, c)monoclinic atomic planes are stacked along the perpendicular bdirection. Electrical conductivity is relatively high in all crystallinedirections, appearing in the order sigma(b) >> sigma(c) > sigma(a*).Thermal conductivity appears in the same order lambda(b) > lambda(c) >lambda(a*), So that b is the most conducting direction for bothelectricity and heat. The results are compared to the reportedanisotropic electrical and thermal conductivity of the d-Al-Ni-Codecagonal quasicrystal.